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January 19, 2020

General Membership Meeting

Next Scheduled General Meeting: Sunday May 17th @ 10:00a.m.

2750 14th Avenue, Unit G-14 Unionville, ON. L3R 0B6 Tel:905-479-5950

Our association...


May 24, 2019

HR Business Partner Positions open to APOC employees

The job qualifications to the HRBP position will be changed on the next job posting will not be limited to Human Resource training and will...


May 24, 2019

New Driver Safety Specialist positions * Temporary 1 year Assignments*

The Corporation will be creating 3 new OP1 positions that will be posted on the job line for APOC members, as well as 1 manager position. These...


March 18, 2019

MOA for Delivery Offices


March 11, 2019

Private Vehicle Rates

Employees who use private vehicles for business purposes will be

reimbursed, in cents per kilometre, as follows:

For APOC represented employees:...


March 23, 2020

IMPORTANT ** Please Visit National Website for Updates on COVID19

Please visit our National Website to get access to ALL the News and Updates on COVID19 as well as information from our National Officers regarding APOC.

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