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The Association of Postal Officials of Canada is the bargaining unit certified by the Canada Industrial Relations Board to represent those employees who supervise the processing and delivery of the mail, the Commercial Sales Force, and employees who oversee the processes involved in moving Canada's mail.

We currently have approximately 3400 members in 28 branches across the country, with the largest being Toronto (YORK) and the smallest being Prince Edward Island .

A.P.O.C. is a trade union with a very progressive approach to Labour Relations. We are strong advocates of Alternate Dispute Resolution and Interest Based Negotiating as opposed to the traditional adversarial methods.

Our organization is governed by the National Executive, which consists of 3 full time officers, the National President, the National Vice President, and the National Secretary Treasurer, along with 9 Divisional Vice Presidents, who also work in positions within Canada Post Corporation. These positions are elected every three years at our National Convention.

Click here to see the list of our branches across the country and find out how to contact the executives.


As one of its basic Operating Principles, the Corporation has recognized the role of the Association and this collective agreement (Agreement) in the overall success of the company.

The Corporation and the Association, in turn, recognize that the purpose of this Agreement is to facilitate and protect the best interests of the Corporation and its employees alike.

To this end, it is necessary that the parties work together in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation and be committed to ensuring that interpersonal and industrial relations proceed in a manner that ensures both the well-being of all employees and the efficient and economic operation of the Corporation.

To achieve these goals, the parties recognize that:

1) Effective communication and sharing of information between the parties should take place at each of the national, regional/divisional and local levels.

2) Resolution of differences between the parties is more effectively accomplished through participative, consultative mechanisms rather than through recourse to the grievance procedure.

3) Effective communication between the Corporation, the Association and employees is essential and should be encouraged and assisted.

4) The satisfaction and overall well-being of employees is essential to the efficient operation of the Corporation.

5) The commercial viability and success of the Corporation is essential to both parties and each employee of the Corporation.

Deepak Chopra
Canada Post Corporation

Guy Dubois
Association of Postal Officials of Canada

Our office is located at
2750 14th Avenue Unit G14
Unionville, On, L3R 0B6 . See on the map

905 479-5950


Serving you at the York branch

2750 14th Avenue Unit G14, Unionville, On, L3R 0B6

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