United in Protecting the Rights of Postal Officials

Helping Secure a Better
Work Life for Mail Service Employees

United in Protecting the Rights of Postal Officials

Helping Secure a Better Work Life for Mail Service Employees

At the APOC York Branch, we are committed to assisting postal officials within the Greater Toronto Area in defending their rights and ensuring their well-being at work. Count on Your Representatives to help you communicate and resolve job-related issues.

Who We Fight For

Our organization represents various postal workers, such as:

  • Members who supervise the processing and delivery of mail
  • Members of the commercial salesforce
  • Employees who oversee the different processes involved in moving postal articles

About Our Team

Our Branch office is located in Unionville, ON and is composed of skilled professionals who are experienced in handling a wide variety of labour relations situations. These elected individuals are the following:

Jennifer Dimeo York President

APOC York Branch

Dawn-Marie Gayle Divisional Vice President

APOC York Branch

Jimmy Galavodas Secretary/Treasurer

Contact No.: (416) 557-8314
Email: [email protected]

Navin Persaud T/H/M Vice-President

Navin Persaud1

Nesha Irving Albert Jasckson Vice-President

Nesha Irving

Sushil Ninawat Delivery Vice-president

Contact No.: (416) 347-7162
Email: [email protected]

Vidya Alvares Sales/Serve Vice-president

unnamed (1)
Contact No.: (416) 347-7146
Email: [email protected]

Debra Hunter SLPP Vice-president


Stone Blemano WLPP Vice-president

APOC York Branch
Contact No.: (416) 459-1871
Email: [email protected]

Our Trade Union

The Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC) is a bargaining unit certified by the Canada Industrial Relations Board to represent OP-1 to OP-3 and SL1-S:5 members who supervise the employees who oversee the processes involved in moving Canadians mail. Our entire organization currently has around 3400 members in 28 branches across the country. The largest group is located in the the Greater Toronto Area, while the smallest one is based in Prince Edward Island.

Our Association employs a progressive approach to labour relations. APOC strongly advocates for the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution and Interest-Based Negotiating.

Our Governing Body

APOC is headed by the National Executive, which consists of the following full-time positions:

  • National President
  • National Vice President
  • National Secretary-Treasurer

These officers manage our trade union alongside nine divisional vice presidents who assists the 28 Brances, also work in positions within Canada Post Corporation. All these positions are elected every three years at our national convention.

Connect With Us

If you need an expert labour relations professional by your side, reach out to us today. We would gladly assist you with your raising your job-related concerns at work.